Successful Back to School Co-Parenting

Eatontown divorce lawyers work with clients to create effective parenting agreements.As September rolls around and the kids head back to school, life inevitably becomes a bit more hectic. With homework, studying, and after school activities, families often have a tough time getting back into a daily routine. For divorced parents sharing custody and parenting time, the stress and chaos is compounded as children alternate between households.

However, peaceful and effective co-parenting is possible throughout the school year. Here are some tips to help you feel recharged and ready to tackle another successful school year:

Inform the Teacher

Sharing the logistics of your parenting arrangement with the teacher helps them better support your child. If the teacher knows your child is with mom on certain days and dad for others, they can help your child stay organized and focused.

Your child’s teacher will know to look for signs that your child is struggling with the transition, or the divorce in general, and let you know. They may also be more sympathetic about a missed homework assignment or distant mood if they know the reasons behind it.

Take Advantage of Technology

Even if your child spends half their time with your ex, you still want to remain in regular contact with the school. Confirm that both parents’ e-mail addresses and phone numbers are on your child’s contact list, so you will both receive important messages and updates. Request two copies of documents like report cards.

Most schools utilize online portals for grades and assignments, allowing you to monitor your child’s progress, even when they are with your ex.

Be Consistent

This one may be a bit more challenging for couples where fundamental lifestyle differences led to the breakup. Yet, when both parents have a simple daily routine in common, your child will benefit. When kids know what to expect from their daily schedule, they feel safe and secure.

Homework, meals, and bedtime should fall around the same time every school day, to help keep kids from feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Put on a Happy Face

School should be a neutral place, free of the issues that plagued your marriage or partnership. It is where kids pursue friendships, challenge themselves academically, and become more independent. The classroom can be a welcome respite from discord and change at home.

Approach school events and projects with a positive attitude, and your child will follow. If possible, attend school functions with your ex, even if you arrive separately, to show a unified front and demonstrate that education is a priority for your family.

Eatontown Divorce Lawyers at Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C. Work with Clients to Create Effective Parenting Agreements

One of the stark realities of divorce is that most parents will end up spending less time with their children. When both parents are involved and engaged, children will benefit from spending frequent, quality time with each. Your Eatontown divorce lawyer at Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C. offers effective parenting agreements, premium mediation services, and strong representation in court, if necessary. Call 732-493-9400 or complete our convenient online contact form today.

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