Preserving Evidence After a Car Accident

Ocean Township personal injury lawyers advocate for car accident victims and preserving evidence.After a motor vehicle accident, you may be injured or in a state of shock. While making sure you and any passengers in your vehicle are okay and calling 911 immediately, you must also keep your wits about you and try to preserve as much evidence relating to the accident as possible. The evidence you collect can make a huge difference in the outcome of your claim.

Use Your Smartphone

If you are physically able to do so, use your smartphone to take photos or videos of the accident scene and the vehicles involved. That includes any skid or pavement marks or other accident evidence, as well as the condition of the road at the time of the crash. Record any injuries suffered by victims. If the other driver appears under the influence or otherwise impaired, make sure you have a video as proof.

If there are witnesses, ask them to make a statement about what they saw and retrieve their contact information. If there are buildings nearby, check as soon as possible to see if they have surveillance cameras and if the crash itself was captured on video. Either write down your memories of the crash circumstances immediately, or record them on your smartphone.

Police Records

The police report will describe the crash scene and include any tickets issued to drivers. Contact the police department involved and request a copy of this report, which is usually available within a few days of the incident.

Medical Records

If you or your passengers are seriously injured, an ambulance should take you to the nearest emergency room. However, even if you think you are not hurt, it is critical to visit the doctor immediately and have yourself examined. Not all injuries appear immediately. Common car accident injuries, such as whiplash, often do not appear until 24 to 48 hours after the collision. You need to have medical evidence of any injuries for your claim. If you wait too long to seek medical care, the insurance company may claim your injuries were not due to the accident. Save every injury-related record, including receipts for medication, doctor visits, and the cost of traveling to the doctor’s office. Also, make note of any missed work to recover from your injuries or receive medical assistance.

Vehicle Maintenance Records

If your car is totaled, make sure to save the vehicle maintenance records if you keep them in the automobile. If you can prove your vehicle is well-maintained, it is difficult to make the case that improper maintenance contributed to the accident.

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