Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Monmouth County injury lawyers can assist with your personal injury case.An accident that results in personal injury, whether in the workplace, on the road, or otherwise due to someone’s negligence, is a disruptive and sometimes devastating situation for the victim. Victims of an injury may not realize the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of dealing with the process to get compensation and medical care, or dealing with big insurance companies.

While the details of your injury are unique and specific, a Monmouth County injury lawyer at Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C. has experience dealing with numerous similar scenarios, and can often provide invaluable guidance.

Personal Injury Scenarios

Personal injuries can consist of different scenarios, but all can have common effects and challenges.

People can be injured in many ways, including:

  • An automobile, bus, or truck accident
  • In the workplace
  • A fall on someone’s property
  • Hurt due to medical malpractice

In case of injury, the most urgent need is typically to get necessary medical treatment, followed by addressing compensation for time lost from work due to the accident.

Yet medical care is not always straightforward, and may involve dealing with an insurance carrier. Victims of accidents should remember that insurance companies investigate claims with their own medical and legal team. Although the injured party may feel they have an open and shut case, the insurer can deny or limit an injury claim depending on their interpretation.

Insurers can dispute responsibility and leave the injured person without resources to get medical bills paid. Serious injury may mean not only immediate medical care, but longer-term disability, as well as pain and suffering.

Proceeding alone without legal advice can leave the injured party without the full compensation they deserve, in particular if they are rushed into a settlement by an insurance corporation.

On-the-Job Injuries

Those who are hurt on-the-job may assume that Workers’ Compensation coverage will take care of all their needs. While Workers’ Compensation is a critical tool designed to compensate injured employees, and required by law, remember that the related insurers can also dispute responsibility.

If the workplace accident was caused by negligence or defective equipment, there are other parties that could be held responsible and share the cost of medical care and remuneration for victims. This is where a third-party liability claim can be essential.

Other Considerations

Severe or disabling injuries incur substantial medical costs. Medical costs for severe injuries and partial or permanent disability can last for years, and can exceed the threshold of typical insurance coverage. In addition, total compensation is calculated to estimate the victim’s future wage earnings, and experienced legal advice is an important part of fairly determining this.

The insurer can also dispute liability – in other words, refuse to pay – or claim that the injured party is partly at fault, thus reducing compensation for the accident. Insurers can also refuse payment for various other reasons, and the only way to address this is through legal proceedings.

Monmouth County Injury Lawyers at Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C. Can Assist With Your Personal Injury Case

If you are hurt due to another’s negligence, a Monmouth County injury lawyer at Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C. has the commitment and experience you need to represent you and your personal injury claim. Please complete our online contact form or call us at 732-493-9400 for a free confidential legal consultation.

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