Do You Know What to Do After a Parking Lot Accident?

Eatontown injury lawyers help make sense of messy parking lot accident damages. Is it any wonder that parking lot accidents happen all the time, given that parking lots can be confusing and chaotic? About 20 percent of all reported car accidents can be traced back to parking lots and garages.

What you decide to do after a fender bender, or a more serious parking lot collision, can help your case if you need to hire an Eatontown injury lawyer to receive a bigger insurance settlement or sue for damages.

Make sure you follow these tips no matter how insignificant your parking lot crash may seem.

Ensure Everyone Is Physically Okay

Aside from checking yourself for any lacerations, bruising, or obvious signs of trauma that require immediate attention, stay alert as to the health and wellness of anyone else involved in the parking lot accident. This might include pedestrians, passengers, and even animals.

Call 911 if anyone seems to be in distress. Never be afraid to contact the authorities. It is always better to be safe if you are unsure if someone is at risk of a heart attack or stroke, or may show signs of a concussion or internal problems.

Contact the Police or at Least File a Report

Maybe you only had a slightly bent bumper. Is there really any reason to file a report? The answer is yes. A police report will be very important to your insurance carrier.

It is possible that the police may opt not to come to the scene. In that situation, you should still report the incident to both your insurance provider and the local authorities. Just head to the nearest police station and give your side of the story.

Get Everyone’s Information

After checking everyone for medical problems and making an initial phone call to the police, start exchanging information. Get the other driver’s identification, insurance information, license plate number, phone number, and any other documentation you might need.

Be sure to also gather information such as names and phone numbers from witnesses and even vehicle passengers. Your insurance carrier may need to talk to those individuals.

Document everything you can about the accident. Take pictures, and make sure you have all the information you may need.

Give Your Insurance Provider a Call

Whether or not you think you were at fault, call your insurance provider. The number will be on your insurance card or at the insurance provider’s app or website. Remain calm and just tell them the facts. Do not embellish or apologize. Insurance carriers are trained to ask the questions they need to open a report.

Keep It Civil

You may be frustrated and angry, but do your best to stay calm. On the other hand, do not admit fault at the scene even if you think you may be the one who caused the parking lot accident. Even if it takes everything you have to remain objective, you will appreciate knowing that you kept a level head.

When All Else Fails, Leave a Note

What if you hit a parked car, and no one has come out for an hour? What should you do? Legally, you should leave a note so the person can get in touch with you. Otherwise, you could be charged with hit-and-run.

Eatontown Injury Lawyers at Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C. Help Make Sense of Messy Parking Lot Accident Damages

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