Truck Accidents Caused by Blind Spots

Asbury Park car accident lawyers advocate for victims involved in blind spot accidents.Collisions between cars and trucks can be catastrophic and cause severe injuries. The most common accidents occur when the car is traveling in a truck’s blind spot. Cars also have blind spots, but they are not nearly as wide as a truck’s blind spots. Sideswipe accidents can occur if a truck does not see a car in their blind spot while they are changing lanes. A truck’s blind spot can extend outward by 25 feet, and are located in the following areas:

  • Directly in front of the truck
  • Behind and to the side of the driver’s window
  • Along the front right side of the truck
  • Back left and right corners of the truck
  • Immediately behind the truck

Even if you can see the driver, do not assume that they spotted your vehicle. You may still be in an area that makes it tough for someone in an elevated driving position to notice your presence. Drivers should not linger in a truck’s blind spots. Accidents can also occur when the truck driver does not follow the rules of the road. For example, the trucker might not have used his turn signal and the car behind them tailgated too close to the back of the truck. Far too many drivers also exceed posted speed limits, veer aggressively from lane to lane, or text while driving.


Truck drivers must exercise reasonable care on the road. An injured driver can prove negligence if it is found that the truck driver breached this duty of care. If you were involved in a truck accident, you should contact law enforcement personnel immediately. Police-investigated accident and witness reports can document details of the accident. This will be helpful if the trucker’s insurance provider denies liability, or you decide to pursue a civil lawsuit against. Other parties, such as the trucking company and employer, can be held liable if the truck driver committed negligent acts while under employment.

Asbury Park Car Accident Lawyers at Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C. Advocate for Victims Involved in Blind Spot Accidents

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