Gender Discrimination Lawsuit at Law Firm

Long Branch employment lawyers fight for the rights of gender discrimination victims.Six female attorneys have filed a class action lawsuit against the international law firm, Jones Day, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2016, the firm generated nearly $2 billion in revenue. The female lawyers’ lawsuit seeks $200 million in damages, alleging the firm discriminated against women, especially pregnant women and mothers. All the women are former associates at Jones Day. The class action lawsuit, filed in a Washington, D.C. federal court, represents all former and future female employees of the firm.

The lawsuit alleged that male attorneys at Jones Day earned higher salaries than their female counterparts, even if their legal skills were inferior. The suit stated that male lawyers were given more opportunity for advancement than female colleagues. It is assumed by Jones Day management that should a woman get pregnant, they are not as committed to their jobs after having babies, according to the suit.

Frat House Atmosphere

The lawsuit described a frat house atmosphere at the firm. At holiday parties, male attorneys encouraged heavy drinking, and gawked at female associates who danced at such events. At one office, a partner hosted a summer associate event at his home. Allegedly, an associate wearing a white dress was pushed into a swimming pool, after which the male associate who pushed her was not reprimanded by managers present, but was high-fived.

Maternity Leave Causes Salary Freeze

Four of the women filing the lawsuit are anonymous, but two named in the suit previously worked at Jones Day in Irvine, California. One woman claimed after she returned from her first maternity leave, she was subjected to a salary freeze, few work opportunities, and negative employee reviews. When she returned from her second maternity leave, she was told to seek employment elsewhere. The other named lawyer claimed a male partner subjected her to sexual harassment and verbal abuse after she took a weekend off for health purposes. She also alleged her mentorship opportunities were denied. She claimed that she was forced to leave the firm in 2018.

Tolerating the Stereotypes

The complaint stated that a female lawyer cannot succeed at Jones Day unless she was willing to tolerate the stereotyped expectation of the male power brokers. If a woman challenged any of these stereotypes, she was committing career suicide, according to the complaint. The complaint referred to the Jones Day culture as at best inhospitable to female lawyers, and at worst, openly misogynistic.

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