Couples More Likely to Divorce When Husband Earns Less Than Wife

Eatontown divorce lawyers represent clients filing for divorce.It is important for women to receive equal pay in the workplace. Yet, society puts pressure on men who earn less than their female counterparts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 38 percent of wives earn more than their husbands. This means that it is becoming increasingly common for a wife to earn more than her husband, which may make some husbands uncomfortable.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, surveys do not always match couples’ IRS filings. Their findings show that when wives earn more than their husbands, husbands report that they earn 2.9 percent higher than what is in their tax filings. On the other hand, wives report earnings that are 1.5 percent lower than what they earn. When a wife is the primary breadwinner, both parties in the marriage exaggerate the husband’s earnings while minimizing the wife’s earnings.

Pew Research Center Survey

According to a Pew Research Center survey, 71 percent of adults say that it is important for a man to financially support a family to be a good husband or partner. Conversely, 32 percent of adults say that it is important for a woman to do the same to be a good wife or partner.

When a female partner earns more than her male partner, studies show that the couple is less likely to get married or stay married. A marriage is more likely to fail if a man feels insecure or intimidated when it comes to his wife’s earnings. However, there is other research that suggests that when a wife earns more than her husband, the couple is more likely to stay together.

Social Norms

According to the Census Bureau, societal expectations about a wife and a husband’s role play an important part in what couples report for their earnings. Men tend to be comfortable earning more money than their significant others. Today, men are still viewed as the providers, so when their wives earn more than them, it can make them uncomfortable. Views are changing, but not fast enough. It is still socially acceptable for men to be the primary breadwinners over women.

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