How Do I Tell Others About My Separation or Divorce?

Monmouth County divorce lawyers represent clients going through divorce.Divorce is a part of life, but for many people, it is still difficult to share this personal news. Decisions await, such as whether you should notify people individually or use available social media tools to announce it at once. Even in the most amicable cases, divorce still causes significant stress.

For those who are divorcing, notifying friends, family, and colleagues means a host of inevitable questions. Questions arise of how much information to share. For divorcing parents, the goal is also to keep children protected and keep their exposure to details at a minimum.

Ways to Let People Know You Are Divorcing

For celebrities, social media is often the main method of announcing life events, including divorce. For most people who do not live their lives in the public eye, this might seem too casual, but sharing information via social media can have its advantages. Letting immediate family and friends know will be done personally, but with the less intimate circles of life, there is still a need to inform of this life change. It can reduce the stress of repeating the news and answering the inevitable questions. Some couples who are amicably splitting will announce the news jointly and tag each other in the posts, which can also set the tone that they are not engaging in blame and are working to maintain cordiality.

Keep in mind that any written post lives forever on the internet and anything there can be seen now or in the future by family and children, so keep the details to a minimum. Children should be informed well before any public announcement with the goal of reducing anxiety and upheaval, despite the changes in the family structure. Good communication and consideration on the part of both parents can reduce the stress of a divorce.

Contentious Divorces

For contentious divorces, making an announcement jointly will not be an option. In a divorce where there is a lot of conflict, the best guidance is to avoid blaming and sharing details publicly. It is not only the ethical thing to do, but anything said publicly can impact divorce proceedings as well. If you have questions about family law, custody, and division of property, it is always recommended to contact a skilled Monmouth County divorce lawyer who will advocate for your rights.

When sharing the news, there are also decisions about how widely to share the news and what to say. It also depends on how private each person is in all aspects of their life. For some, having a friend or family member tasked with sharing the news at your discretion can help take off some of the stress of sharing the news.

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