Motorcycle Group Riding Tips

Ocean Township personal injury lawyers help motorcyclists injured in accidents.Warm weather means more motorcyclists on the road. When a motorcycle collides with a larger vehicle, the motorcyclist is often severely injured if they survive the crash. The following safety tips for motorcycle group riding can lessen the odds of an accident.

Make Decisions Beforehand

Before setting out, the group should hold a meeting and decide a ride order. The person chosen as leader tells the rest of the riders what is coming up. While the leader should have a fair amount of experience, the better riders should stay at the back of the group, with the less experienced riders behind the driver. A tail, or sweep, rider is also chosen. All riders should arrive with full fuel tanks and charged cell phones. Designate beforehand who should bring along necessary tools and emergency supplies.

Passing and Staggering

Once on the road, ride and pass in formation. That means each rider passes the vehicle one at a time, and then returns to the formation. Avoid side-by-side riding so each rider can swerve safely. The preferred formation for motorcyclists is staggering, with the leader riding on the left side of the lane, and the second rider staying behind on the right side. The third rider is behind the second rider on the left, continuing in this right/left pattern for every rider. In some circumstances, riders should go out of formation and go single file. Consider single file riding when encountering:

  • Bad weather
  • Curvy roads
  • Highway entrances
  • Intersection turns
  • Poor or damaged roadways

Take Breaks

Long motorcycle rides can tire out riders. Fatigued riders are less likely to make the correct split-second decisions that are necessary when motorcycling. Allow time for regular breaks so everyone can relax. Keep the condition of the least experienced rider in mind when deciding the route, distance, and number of breaks. No rider should go rogue when riding in a group. Do not race other riders in the group, tailgate, or pass them. Bad accidents result from foolish moves.

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