Dealing with Drunk Drivers

Middletown car accident lawyers help victims of drunk driving accidents get compensation.Braking for no reason, weaving in and out of lanes, and accelerating too quickly are all common behaviors exhibited by intoxicated drivers, but other drivers may not realize what is going on at first. This is because sober motorists might also do these things while driving. How can anyone tell the difference between a sober and drunk driver?

What to Look for

Drivers often hit their brakes and swerve by mistake. If someone is doing this repeatedly, it is quite possible that they are under the influence. Increased numbers of drunk drivers can be found on the roads on holidays, late at night or in the early morning, and near large sporting events, so it pays to be extra vigilant at these times. Consistent, erratic driving, such as drifting in and out of lanes several times, slowing down and accelerating, and slow response times are all warning flags.

Other telltale things to look for include aggressive driving, tailgating, running off the side of a road, sideswiping or nearly missing other cars, and overly wide turn radiuses. Some drunk drivers also lean forward while driving and keep their faces close to the windshield because they cannot see clearly. More obvious moves such as forgetting to turn on headlights at night, illegal turns, or even driving the wrong way on a road can be especially dangerous.

Safety First

If a driver seems impaired, the safest advice is to get far away from them as their actions can be very unpredictable. Slowing down and pulling over to call local law enforcement is imperative, since reporting these drivers can prevent serious and fatal accidents. If there is a passenger in the vehicle, that person can make the call. Other drivers should never try to get the intoxicated driver’s attention or get them to pull over, since that person could be violent or cause a serious accident.

When possible, it is helpful to obtain the offending vehicle’s make, model, and license plate number. If the highway has mile markers, this information can also help locate the driver.

In Case of an Accident

Accidents with drunk drivers are an unfortunate reality, and the first thing to do is call 911. To stay out of harm’s way, the other drivers should remain in their vehicles until law enforcement officers arrive. There is no obligation to speak to the drunk driver and this can help victims avoid confrontation. If staying in the vehicle is not an option, it is a good idea to use a cell phone to record what happens. Telling the drunk driver to wait for the police and recording the interaction can be helpful and used as proof later. Phones can also be used to take photos once the police arrive. These can also provide evidence of the accident’s location, time of day, type of accident, injuries, and vehicle damage.

Middletown Car Accident Lawyers at Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C. Help Victims Receive the Compensation They Deserve

Intoxicated drivers are not always easy to spot, and they can cause devastating car injuries that ruin lives. Contact the experienced Middletown car accident lawyers at Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C. if you need trusted legal guidance for any type of car accident. Call us at 732-493-9400 or fill out an online form for a confidential case evaluation today.

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