School Bus Safety

Eatontown personal injury lawyers advocate for school bus safety and will fight for you if injured.With September just around the corner, school is in the forefront of everyone’s minds. While students are preparing for school, it is important that parents initiate a conversation with their child about safety. Parents should emphasize the importance of safety while taking the school bus. School buses are considered a safe method of transportation; however, students should be aware of how to keep themselves safe when entering and exiting the school bus.

Waiting for the Bus Safely

Parents have an important duty to teach their child how to wait for the bus in a safe manner. Many students who take the bus are young children who are often unpredictable. Young children will often play near busy streets without assessing the risks. Therefore, it is important that parents discuss the importance of being alert with their child.

Common safety tips for children waiting for the bus include:

  • Arrive at the bus stop early
  • Do not run or play while waiting for the bus
  • Stand at least six feet away from the curb
  • Do not enter the bus until it has made a complete stop
  • Use the handrails while entering the bus

Staying Safe While Riding the Bus

Although school buses are considered the safest way to get to school, students should still practice safe habits while riding the bus. Students should wear their seat belt, keep aisles clear of clutter, and face forward. In an emergency, students should be taught to remain calm and follow the bus driver’s orders.

Exiting the Bus Safely

Students should stay alert of their surroundings while exiting the bus. This is because drivers often unlawfully pass school buses, which might lead to an accident. When exiting the bus, the student should step about 10 feet in front of the bus. This ensures that the student can be seen by the bus driver. Before crossing the street, the student should make eye contact with the bus driver. This will further ensure that the bus driver does not drive before the student has crossed the street. Furthermore, they should look both ways before crossing the street to avoid drivers passing the bus.

The Frequency of Unlawful Passing

In 2018, more than 54,000 drivers were caught unlawfully passing a school bus in Montgomery County, Maryland; an average of nearly 300 per school day. The unlawful passing of school buses is frequent, and it puts countless lives in danger every day. Drivers unlawfully passing school buses put students at risk of severe injuries or even fatalities. These fatalities occur when drivers strike a child with their vehicle while passing the bus. Therefore, students should be cautious of passing drivers while entering and exiting the school bus.

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