Back to School Co-Parenting

Eatontown divorce attorneys help clients with back to school and co-parenting issues.Back to school season is a time of transition, and when parents are divorced or separated, some extra care can help smooth things along. Planning ahead for the entire school year can help families know what to expect, and this can include school supplies, carpooling, study times, and after school activities.

Some parents work with their children to create a yearly outline, and this is done best with input from all concerned parties. There are different apps and programs that can be used to keep this in good order. It can be frequently updated to add schedule changes, friend’s phone numbers, and new activities. Families can benefit from holding regular meetings to review the details. Since child custody and visitation is usually set in the divorce agreement, this can serve as a guide for the outline.

Attending School Functions

It is essential that both parents attend school functions, such as back to school nights and school events to parent/teacher conferences whenever possible. This way, both receive the same information at the same time. It can prevent arguments about details, such as when a project is due or what day homecoming is. Parent/teacher conferences are especially important, since they provide direct teacher feedback that can offer the best insight into the child’s school performance and relationships. Maintaining a united front at these meetings also helps the teachers.

These situations can be difficult if either parent has a significant other but putting personal feelings aside can help the children in the long run. When children have this needed support, they will feel better about themselves and their family.

Establishing Routines

Children thrive when they stick to routines. Choosing which parent will oversee picking the children up from an activity, helping with math homework, and taking them to get school supplies will keep the children on the right track. They will know what to expect and feel less stressed. These routines can be incorporated into the outline, and co-parents should be willing to compromise on certain things. Arguing about smaller details, such as which backpack to buy, can be upsetting to a child; being on the same page about a bigger concern is more important.

Additional Tips

School grades, attendance, and discipline should be the focus for successful back to school co-parenting, but there are other considerations as well. If there is a step-parent or partner, they may have to be part of the routine, especially if one parent works full-time. This should also be taken into consideration when the outline is being created. Having back-up plans for sick days, vacation days, and bad weather can also help avoid last-minute scrambling and arguments. Back to school co-parenting is successful when parents always put the children’s best interests first.

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