New Jersey Passes Anti-Wage Theft Law

Long Branch employment lawyers represent clients filing wage theft claims.Acting Governor Sheila Oliver signed the landmark anti-wage theft bill, S1790, into law, which ensures that employees in New Jersey are bringing home exactly what they earned on the job without worrying about wage theft. The signing of S1790 enforces New Jersey’s wage and hour laws and holds employers accountable for any unpaid wages, benefits, and overtime. If employers do not pay their employees their earned wages, they can be forced to pay damages and fines of up to $10,000. The signed bill also extends the statute of limitations from two years to six years for workers to file claims and strengthens anti-retaliation provisions to protect employees who speak out against wage theft.

New Jersey’s minimum wage rose to $10 an hour on July 1 and will continue to raise one dollar a year until it reaches $15 in 2024. New Jersey has been lagging in wage and hour protection for workers for a long time. The anti-wage theft bill ensures that all employees are paid for their work.

Wage and Hour Laws

Wage and hour laws govern the wage rates an employer can pay their employees and the hours in which an employer must pay their employees for the time they work. The most common types of wage and hour laws include:

  • Minimum Wage: New Jersey’s current minimum wage rose to $10 per hour on July 1.
  • Overtime: New Jersey laws require employers to pay overtime to employees at a rate of 1.5 times the employee’s regular rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week.
  • Meals and Breaks: Labor laws require employers to provide employees who are under the age of 18 with a 30-minute break after five consecutive hours of work. New Jersey labor laws do not require employers to provide breaks of any kind to employees over the age of 18. Employers who choose to provide breaks over 20-minutes are not required to pay employees over the age of 18 if those employees are free to leave the work premises. Breaks that are 20-minutes or less are required by federal law to be paid breaks.
  • Sick Leave: Labor laws require most employers to provide paid sick leave. Employees may also be entitled to benefits under New Jersey’s Family Leave Insurance program.
  • Vacation Leave: Employers are not required to provide paid or unpaid vacation benefits to employees.

Long Branch Employment Lawyers at Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C. Represent Clients Filing Wage Theft Claims

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