How to Have a Happy Halloween After Divorce

Eatontown child custody lawyers work with clients regarding holiday parenting schedules.When divorcing parents create their divorce decree, they often spend time talking about how to handle the reality of major holidays and celebrations, such as Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, and even annual family reunions. However, smaller annual festivities, like Halloween, rarely make it into the plan. When October rolls around, parents may scramble to create a fun experience that satisfies everyone’s needs. Like all holiday moments, Halloween can be a time for enjoyment, even after a divorce. Parents need to figure out what is best for their children, then come up with creative ways to keep traditions alive.

Go Out as a Team

For parents who have a good relationship despite getting divorced, joint trick or treating may be a good idea. This may not be the right arrangement for every family. Some parents may find it too difficult to walk around together. Rather than risk turning Halloween into a night of fighting, they will want to choose an alternate way to ensure their children have a fun night.

Trade Off Duties Semi-Annually

Just as some families trade off time with the children on holidays, Halloween can run on a similar calendar. One parent might have the children this year, and the other will have them next year. If the children are young enough, the parents will still have many years to make memories.

Let Children Have Two Halloweens

Not all neighborhoods celebrate Halloween on October 31. Plus, some communities forgo traditional Halloween activities and offer a big block party where everyone can attend. Parents should check to see whether their neighborhoods sync up in terms of Halloween events. If they are staggered in dates or times, the children might be able to go to two Halloween celebrations instead of one.

Divide and Conquer Fun Experiences

Just because parents are divorced does not mean they have to both go trick or treating. In some families, one parent may prefer attending Halloween school functions while the other prefers to take the children trick or treating. If this is the case, a family should keep the same schedule, that way, the children still have a parent around at all times.

Talk About Costumes Ahead of Time

A final way to have the happiest of Halloweens post-divorce is to be sure both parents are comfortable with their children’s costumes. Very young children are unlikely to care what they wear, but elementary age children may have a specific outfit in mind. Ideally, the outfit should be deemed appropriate by both parents. However, if one parent finds a costume inappropriate, the child may wish to wear two separate costumes, or the parents may need to come to an agreement well before Halloween night.

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