Tips for Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday Post-Divorce

Ocean Township divorce lawyers help clients create effective parenting plans.Children react differently to divorce depending upon several factors, including how old they are and their basic personality traits. However, every child wants and deserves to have a good birthday celebration, regardless if the parents live under the same roof. It might seem like a challenge for some parents to figure out how to have fun birthdays for their children, especially after difficult divorces. Yet, it is possible to make sure every child’s birthday post-divorce is memorable.

Set Aside Differences and Celebrate as a Team

Parents who can set aside their differences for the duration of a birthday party can accomplish the goal of showing that they care more about their children than about their feelings for one another. In fact, when parents create a united front for their children, the children tend to react well to seeing the family come together.

Hold Two Separate Parties

What happens if parents simply cannot be in the same room, let alone at the same party? In that case, parents might want to throw a child two different parties. This can also be a good choice if one of the parents has moved away and is not available on the actual birthday.

Keep Negative Emotions in Check

Children frequently blame themselves for their parents’ divorces. Parents should not accuse each another in front of the children. Otherwise, the children may associate their birthday with guilt and bad feelings.

Use Technology to Stay Connected

Sometimes, parents might not be able to be with their children on their actual birthday. In this circumstance, Facetime, Skype, and Google Hangouts can make it easier for them to connect. Although being face-to-face might be preferred, any communication will likely be welcome.

Avoid Buying the Child’s Affection

It can be tempting for some parents to try to outdo each other after a divorce in terms of what they purchase for a child’s birthday. Ideally, parents should remain on the same page and buy the same types of gifts they would have before the divorce. Spoiling a child with an incredibly expensive present only makes the situation awkward.

Keep New Romantic Partners Out of Birthdays

In general, parents going through a divorce should not invite a new romantic partner to a child’s birthday celebration unless they are living with the romantic partner. It makes the situation too strained for the child to handle.

Put Birthdays in the Divorce Plan

When parents are putting together their custody and divorce plans, they may not think about which one of them has the child on their birthday. This is something that should be discussed well in advance regarding the actual day. For example, if the child is going to be with one parent, they should be told that the other parent will throw a special celebration when they have them the next night.

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