Dealing With Your Former In-Laws During the Holidays

Ocean Township divorce lawyers help clients deal with former in-laws during the holidays.Holidays can be uncomfortable for those fresh out of a divorce. Between the emotions and the changes in schedule, it can be difficult for those to adjust to holidays without a spouse. This stress is added when former in-laws are involved. For some, it is difficult to deal with the awkward conversations with an ex-spouse’s relatives. For others, it is difficult to deal with holidays without the entire family. To make all parties happy, it is important to consider both perspectives.

During the holidays, it can be difficult to avoid talking to an ex-spouse’s family. This is especially true if children are involved. For example, former in-laws might call to ask about a child’s Christmas list or if they will be home with the ex-spouse for the holidays. It is important to learn how to deal with former in-laws to have the best holiday possible.

Be Cordial

One tip for an individual dealing with former in-laws is to be kind, especially when discussing an ex-spouse. Although this might seem simple, it is one of the best tips in ensuring that a family remains cordial. Even if a former in-law seems to support the divorce, it is important to avoid gossiping.

Remaining cordial is not only important for ex-spouses, but it is also important for their children. Children do not want to be caught up in the family drama surrounding their parents’ divorce. This is especially true if they are close to their cousins, aunts, or uncles on the ex-spouse’s side of the family. Therefore, it is important to keep the relationship healthy with a former in-law.

If the children are close to the ex-spouse’s family members, there should be room to discuss visitation during the holidays. Although it may be uncomfortable, it is important to allow a child’s aunts, uncles, and cousins to visit when possible. It promotes a healthy relationship between both sides of the family and helps keep things normal, even after a divorce.

Dealing with Loneliness During the Holidays

Many people fresh out of a divorce have a hard time during the holidays. It can be difficult to adjust to not having the normal routine of spending the holidays together as a family. Therefore, it is important for new divorcees to take time to adjust. It is okay to deal with the emotions during the holidays. However, it is not encouraged for an individual to rely on their vices, such as alcohol abuse. To avoid this, it is important to spend time doing holiday activities. For some, this might be donating time at a soup kitchen, spending time with their children, or spending time on a hobby. These are important tips to consider when entering the holidays alone.

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