Should I Join a Divorce Support Group?

Ocean Township divorce lawyers can help clients decide if a support group is right for them.Anyone going through divorce needs to have an outlet to talk about the experience. Friends and family, however, can be reluctant to listen. Instead, they often take sides or make suggestions rather than simply hearing and acknowledging information. For that reason, many people turn to divorce support groups to help them navigate their newfound experience.

What is a Divorce Support Group?

Divorce support groups can be formal or informal associations of people going through various stages of a divorce. Typically moderated by someone who has expertise directing collective discussions, divorce support groups may be run by religious organizations, hospitals, community centers, or a variety of other organizations. Typically, they operate free of charge, but sometimes make requests for in-kind donations such as snacks and beverages.

Pros of Joining a Divorce Support Group

For many individuals going through divorce, being part of a divorce support group carries many positive results. The first is being able to be around other people working through the same feelings and figuring out how to navigate the rest of their lives.

Another upshot of being a member of a divorce support group is hearing from people who have already been down the divorce road. Often, group participants stay with the group to provide their viewpoints and advice. Though every situation is unique, the more seasoned divorce group members can frequently make counterpoints to common arguments, as well as recommend divorce lawyers and advocates.

Parents can benefit from divorce support groups that concentrate on helping single moms and dads figure out how to effectively run a solo-parent household. The prospect of learning the names of good babysitters and trustworthy daycares can make attending a meeting worth it.

Finally, because divorce support groups are meant to be helpful, participants get a natural psychological lift from attending. If the moderator does not allow the group to linger too long on negative subjects, the end of many meetings can blanket everyone with a feeling that there truly is life after divorce.

Cons of Joining a Divorce Support Group

People who have trouble being in group settings or feel uncomfortable being around others who are sharing deep emotions may not be comfortable with a divorce support group. For them, one-on-one therapy, though more costly, could be a better solution.

A second potential downside to divorce support groups is the tendency for some members to start dating one another very early in their divorces. Usually, these types of relationships should be frowned upon by group moderators because they can make future conversations less productive if the dating connection falls apart.

Testing Divorce Support Groups

Men and women at any stage in divorce proceedings should feel open-minded about joining a divorce support group. Even if they only attend a few meetings, they may begin to see their separation in a new, less stressful light.

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