Rebuilding Your Relationship with Your Child After Divorce

Ocean Township divorce lawyer can help clients to rebuild their relationship with their child.When a divorce occurs, it can be difficult to maintain a perfect relationship with the child. Whether the child lives with the ex, or feels angry about the divorce, it is important to eliminate the negative feelings to improve the relationship.

Should I Stay Friends with My Ex?

During or after a divorce, it is not uncommon for one spouse to harbor negative feelings for the other. It might feel comforting to put them down in conversations with friends or family, however, it is important to avoid this whenever possible. This is because the children involved will likely feel offended when hearing negative things about their parent.

In order to maintain a positive relationship with one’s children, it is important to first maintain a positive relationship with one’s ex. Keeping a good relationship helps the former partner  feel more comfortable dropping the kids off. They might clear their child’s schedule to allow them to spend time with the other parent more often if the relationship is healthy.

Start a New Family Tradition or Hobby

During a divorce, there are a lot of changes happening for a child. It is important, however, to remind them that some changes can be beneficial for them. To show this, the parents should implement a new family tradition. This is especially important for the ex who does not live in the primary home with the children.

A few traditions a family may  start are having pizza every time the children visit, having a game night, or watching a TV show together. Parents might start a hobby that aligns with the interests of the child. Ultimately, it is important for a parent to inspire a child to come visit and share personal time together.

Engage in Two-Way Communication

Children might feel resentment or anger from a divorce. This might be especially true for older children who have a difficult time adjusting. Therefore, it is important to give the child a chance to talk about their concerns. It might be difficult for the parents, but it is important for them to show that they care about the child and their opinions. Parents should ask for forgiveness when possible.

Stay Consistent

Even during the challenges of divorce, the parent is encouraged to stay consistent when talking to the child. Children often fear that their parent might lose touch with them. This is especially true for the parent that does not live in the child’s primary residence. Therefore, this parent should consistently send text messages, call, FaceTime, or visit.

This might be difficult, especially if one or more of the children display resentment towards  their parent. Staying consistent despite these feelings shows the child that the parent’s love is unconditional and that they plan on staying a part of their life.

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