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Asbury Park car accident lawyers help car accident victims injured during Thanksgiving travel.While getting together with family and friends over Thanksgiving is often a joyous occasion, traveling to your dinner destination usually is not. Thanksgiving ranks as one of the busiest travel days of the year, and more vehicles on the road mean more accidents. Following basic Thanksgiving travel tips can make your driving experience over the holiday easier and safer.

Vehicle Inspection

Before setting off on a Thanksgiving drive, examine your car to make sure it is in safe condition. That means checking the oil and other fluids, along with checking tire pressure and adding air, if needed. Make sure your wiper blades work and fill the gas tank before heading out. Pack an emergency kit containing jumper cables, flares, tire repair devices and a battery-powered radio. All this preparation lessens the odds of you breaking down on the road.

When traveling with young children, make sure there is plenty for them to do during the trip. That means stocking up on snacks and drinks, along with video games and DVDs to keep them entertained. If pets are making the trip, make sure they are always in a carrier or belted in with a safety harness. Letting a pet have the run of the car is dangerous. Make sure everyone in the car is either wearing a seat belt or is properly fastened into a car seat.

Choose a Travel Time

Nationally, the heaviest traffic congestion occurs on the day before Thanksgiving. Even if you have a long drive ahead of you, it may prove wise to leave early in the morning on Thanksgiving Day if you can reach your destination within several hours. There are fewer cars on the road on Thursday than on pre-Thanksgiving Wednesday.

For the return trip, avoid traveling on Friday, if possible. Traffic will generally move more quickly on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend than on Sunday, when more people are trying to get home in time for Monday’s work and school schedule. Leaving late on Saturday night is another good option for traffic avoidance. Much will depend on weather. You will need to allow more travel time when it is raining or snowing. If conditions are really bad, such as ice or heavy snow, consider staying home.

En Route

Your GPS can keep you out of the worst traffic congestion, and can also help you find fuel and bathroom facilities, if needed. If you are on a long drive, pull over and rest if you feel yourself getting tired. Often, back roads are a better choice rather than main highways, since congestion levels are lower. Using back roads might take longer than the most direct route, but the driving is usually less stressful. There is no question highways like the New Jersey Turnpike are overcrowded on Thanksgiving weekend, especially near major airports.

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