Age Discrimination in the Technology Field

Long Branch employment lawyers help workers dealing with age discrimination in the technology field.It is no secret that there is a stereotypical demographic in the technology field regarding Generation Z and Millennial individuals; those young enough to commit to the demanding hours of the field. However, this stereotype is translating in real life, and older generations are beginning to suffer. Survey results indicate that nearly 50 percent of participants claimed that the average age of workers at their job is between 20 and 35. This statistic proves that there is an influx of young workers in the tech field when compared to older employees.

The stereotype that older workers know less about technology leads to anxiety in older employees. In a survey, 43 percent of technology field workers worry about losing their job due to their age. Similarly, 36 percent of survey participants claimed that they dealt with colleagues not taking them seriously. This is an example of age discrimination in the workplace. Those dealing with discrimination are encouraged to consult with an employment lawyer.

How to Identify Age Discrimination

It might be difficult for a worker to identify age discrimination at a job. However, eliminating discrimination can positively influence the culture of a workplace. Ways to identify age discrimination in the workplace include:

  • Seeing frequent hires in a similar age range; usually young hires
  • When a younger employee receives a promotion over an older one, despite being less qualified
  • When a younger or older worker is isolated from the majority
  • Hearing age-related insults or jokes
  • Being overlooked for certain projects due to assumptions about age
  • Being encouraged by an employer to retire

These are only a few key identifiers of age discrimination at work. It is important for workers to stay informed of age discrimination identifiers in order to report it. Many of these examples align with age discrimination in the tech field. Many older tech workers find that there is a pattern of young hires. Similarly, they find that their employers recruit younger workers for challenging projects, despite being less qualified. Ultimately, this discrimination leads to a feeling of isolation.

What to Do When Dealing with Age Discrimination at Work

When a victim deals with age discrimination at work, they are encouraged to reach out to a lawyer to help victims collect the necessary evidence to prove discrimination occurred. If the employer is found guilty for discrimination, victims often receive damages for lost benefits, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Similarly, the employer might face punitive damages for their participation in discrimination.

Long Branch Employment Lawyers at Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C. Help Workers Dealing with Discrimination

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