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The Importance of Buckling Up in the Back Seat

Wearing your seat belt is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself safe in a vehicle in the event of a car accident. Seat belts are specifically designed to keep the body immobile during a vehicle collision, which can ultimately save lives. Both drivers and passengers benefit from seat belts; however, New Jersey laws » Read More

Preserving Evidence After a Car Accident

After a motor vehicle accident, you may be injured or in a state of shock. While making sure you and any passengers in your vehicle are okay and calling 911 immediately, you must also keep your wits about you and try to preserve as much evidence relating to the accident as possible. The evidence you » Read More

Distracted Driving and Personal Injury Claims

There are endless diversions that compete for a driver’s attention while they are at the wheel. Changing the music can take the eyes off the road, as well as breaking up an argument between two children in the back seat. There are also roadside accidents to look at, food to eat, and energetic pets that » Read More

Car Accidents and Passenger Rights

When a motor vehicle accident occurs, determining fault is not always a simple process. If two cars are involved, either driver could be liable. If just one vehicle crashes, it may not even be that driver’s fault in certain cases, like when a dog runs out in front of a car. Passengers that become injured » Read More

Wearable Technology Devices Factor in Personal Injury Claims

According to the latest data, one in every six American consumers utilizes a form of wearable technology. These devices include fitness monitors, watches, and other apparatuses designed to track and analyze information about the user and their physical habits and activity. These devices continue to become more popular as we find new and beneficial ways » Read More

Drunk Driving Over the Holidays

The holiday season is ideally meant to be a time for merriment, friends, and family. Yet, statistically it is also among the more dangerous times of the year on the road due to the increased risk of drunk drivers. Every year, holiday drunk driving accidents and fatalities increase, beginning with the night before Thanksgiving through » Read More

What to Do After a Car Accident

It is every driver’s worst and most unexpected scenario when they are involved in a car accident. However, vehicular accidents ranging from minor fender-benders to catastrophic collisions occur daily on the roadways, making basic preparation key for anyone who gets behind the wheel. There are common steps that every driver should know in the case » Read More

Drowsy Driving Factors Rising in Crashes

 Car accidents resulting from drowsy driving continue to be on the rise. While many drivers recognize the risks involved with drunk driving or reckless driving, the problem of “drowsy driving,” or driving under the influence of extreme tiredness, is often overlooked and underreported. Even though driving in a drowsy state creates a serious safety threat, » Read More

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The Importance of Buckling Up in the Back Seat

February 15, 2019
Wearing your seat belt is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself safe in a vehicle in the event of..

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