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What to Do When Inclement Weather Affects Custodial Exchanges

Child custody can be extremely complicated aspect of divorce. But even after schedules have finally been secured, they may just get rearranged due to Mother Nature. In New Jersey, many custody orders are actually laid out with consideration of inclement weather and school cancellations in mind. Though the state family courts always try to enforce » Read More

Claiming Children on Taxes After Divorce

Divorce can create a lot of confusion and can prove even more complicated for those with children. From alimony to child support, there are many financial aspects of divorce to figure out. One such issue that may be overlooked among all the expenses is who should claim the child on their taxes. Per federal regulation, » Read More

My Spouse Just Left

Even if your spouse leaving was not completely unsuspected, it is still a shock that your marriage may be over. Although you are still trying to process the changes in your life and that of your children, it is time to act. The first thing you should do is contact a divorce lawyer. Ask divorced » Read More

Giving Gifts After Divorce

For many families after a divorce, the holiday season brings stress and anxiety about a host of new issues. Questions arise, such as how to plan family time and manage everyone’s expectations in a changed family dynamic. Among those stressors is how to handle the traditional aspect of holiday gift-giving. For divorcing parents, the goal » Read More

New Jersey and Child Relocation

For many couples, an otherwise amicable separation can turn downright heated when one parent expresses their intention to relocate with the children. Laws regarding child relocation vary from state to state. In New Jersey, parents generally need permission from the other parent, or the courts, to move the child a significant distance from the other » Read More

First Thanksgiving Alone

Divorce is never easy and for those that do not have children, or whose former spouse has visitation on Thanksgiving, it may be even more difficult to think of spending the holiday alone. However, what all newly divorced people soon discover is that the old ways of doing things need no longer apply. In fact, » Read More

Does the House Have to Be Sold?

Divorce is one of the top ten most stressful events in life. This stress is often compounded by thoughts of moving or being forced to sell the family home. However, no two marriages are the same, and whether a divorcing couple will have to sell will depend on several factors. Couples that cannot come to » Read More

The Impact of Divorce on Your Health

We know about the practical ways that divorce changes our lives. Those are easily discernible. We may change our name, our residence, and our family structure. Less understood, however, is the impact divorce has on your emotional and physical health. New research shows that divorce increases the risk of many health conditions. Science gives us » Read More

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