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Joint and Split Custody

Couples going through divorce proceedings have plenty on their minds. Deciding upon the best type of child custody often is a primary concern. Parents new to divorce are perplexed when it comes to making decisions involving child custody attorneys and New Jersey courts. Two of the most commonly confused forms of custody are joint and » Read More

Navigating Divorce During Pregnancy

Divorce is life-changing. It impacts couples in many ways, including emotionally, physically, and financially. For couples expecting a child, there is much more at stake. The natural anticipation and worry that comes with pregnancy are only amplified by those emotions that come with divorce. Here are some tips for a healthy pregnancy during divorce, and » Read More

You Received a Divorce Complaint … Should You Reply?

If you were sued by someone, you would want to respond as quickly as possible. Receiving a divorce complaint should elicit the same time-sensitive response. Otherwise, you could end up giving away all your negotiating power. Of course, it is easy to understand why someone might want to ignore a divorce complaint. You might not » Read More

How Might Divorce Impact Your Business?

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and his wife Mackenzie announced their divorce in early 2019, leading many to wonder what that means for the business owned by one of the world’s wealthiest couples. Not many divorcing partners have the assets of the Bezos family, but it raises common questions for others who jointly own a business enterprise, » Read More

Can Social Media Impact Child Custody?

Going through a child custody case, especially when it is extremely contentious, can leave you with a desire to vent about your former spouse and all of the things that they have done wrong. But before you login to do that on Facebook or Instagram, it is extremely important to remember that while all you » Read More

Gray Divorce

A gray divorce refers to those who are divorcing over age 50. Currently, this means that they are from the Baby Boomer generation, and divorces for this demographic carry a unique set of circumstances. The gray divorce rate, unlike other divorces in the United States, has doubled over the past three decades. Baby boomers are » Read More

Making the Most of Your Time With Your Children

Divorce can be an extremely difficult time for everyone, but especially for children. Dealing with a multitude of changes can leave children feeling emotionally overwhelmed and vulnerable. That is why it is so important to ensure that you create a positive and loving place in your life for your children. Coming to an agreement about » Read More

What to Do When Inclement Weather Affects Custodial Exchanges

Child custody can be extremely complicated aspect of divorce. But even after schedules have finally been secured, they may just get rearranged due to Mother Nature. In New Jersey, many custody orders are actually laid out with consideration of inclement weather and school cancellations in mind. Though the state family courts always try to enforce » Read More

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