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Claiming Children on Taxes After Divorce

Divorce can create a lot of confusion and can prove even more complicated for those with children. From alimony to child support, there are many financial aspects of divorce to figure out. One such issue that may be overlooked among all the expenses is who should claim the child on their taxes. Per federal regulation, » Read More

Making Alimony Payments Tax Deductible

One of the reasons why tax laws are hard to understand is because of the frequent changes made to them. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will change the way tax deductions for alimony payments work for all legal separations and divorce agreements executed after December 31, 2018. It will have no consequences for couples that » Read More

First Thanksgiving Alone

Divorce is never easy and for those that do not have children, or whose former spouse has visitation on Thanksgiving, it may be even more difficult to think of spending the holiday alone. However, what all newly divorced people soon discover is that the old ways of doing things need no longer apply. In fact, » Read More

Same-Sex Divorces

It has been almost five years since New Jersey made same-sex marriage legal. Now, when same-sex married couples divorce, they are subject to the same divorce laws as any other couple in the state. Ending a marriage can be complicated and traumatic, but same-sex couples can face even more challenges than heterosexual couples. Domestic Partnerships » Read More

How Is Child Support Calculated in New Jersey?

In the event of a divorce or a break-up, both parents will be required to provide financial support to their children. This requirement is to ensure that children are not financially penalized when parents choose to go their separate ways. Although it is not uncommon for the non-custodial parent to feel they are providing more » Read More

August is National Child Support Awareness Month

August is recognized as National Child Support Awareness Month. Former President Bill Clinton established in 1995, through Proclamation 6814, that child support programs at all levels of government would be recognized. This includes the people who operate those programs. In New Jersey, the Department of Human Services Office of Child Support oversees and enforces child » Read More

A Military Divorce is Different

When one member of a divorcing couple is in the military, many factors must be considered. Those who live on a military base will often go to the local county court for the divorce. If both move out of state, that state where the original case was filed maintains jurisdiction for future issues pertaining to » Read More

Avoid Oversharing on Social Media Pending Divorce

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are visited daily by most users. Some users share almost every aspect of their lives. Sadly, the activities of people that are married have been the cause of many divorces. Research studies describe “internet infidelity” and “virtual adultery” as a growing national concern. In fact, over 80 » Read More

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