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Common Divorce Mistakes

Divorce is stressful, especially for those that make mistakes along the way. Staying objective and keeping a clear mind is not easy with so many emotions involved. There are decisions to be made at every turn and making the wrong ones can end up hurting people later. There are common issues to be aware of » Read More

How Does Divorce Impact a Child’s Relationship with Extended Family?

Divorce brings a lot of changes to a child’s life. Children may need to switch primary residences, grow accustomed to visitation times, and experience strains in relationships. Unfortunately, children impacted by divorce tend to lose valuable relationships with extended family members, including aunts, uncles, and cousins. Breaking this connection can negatively impact a child’s emotional » Read More

What Should I Avoid When Thinking of Divorce?

Divorce is not easy and there is no right way to get through the process. Mistakes and other poor decisions are bound to be made because of how overwhelming things can become. The best way to lessen your chances of making critical mistakes is to gain as much information as possible. The following are factors » Read More

Preparing for Child Custody Cases

Court decisions in child custody cases can be life changing. Thorough preparation will help parents understand what to expect and can also make the divorce process less stressful. To request custody rights, a parent must file a petition, which is then served on the other parent. The other parent must respond within a specified time » Read More

Should I Change My Name After Divorce?

Many people change their names when they get married, but should they change them back if they file for divorce? This decision is one that should be taken very seriously, as it affects every individual differently. One of the best ways to determine if a post-divorce name change makes sense is to weigh the pros » Read More

Will My Custody Agreement Separate My Children From Each Other?

When a marriage ends, each member of the family is affected by the divorce. Parents often fight for child custody, leading to difficulties with finding a living situation that works for the entire family. Those contemplating divorce may wonder whether it will force their children to be separated from each other. In order to further » Read More

What Should I Do After Being Served Divorce Papers?

Divorce can be one of the most traumatic experiences that people go through, and it is often worse when it comes as a surprise. Whether it is expected or not, understanding the next steps to take is essential for anyone faced with new divorce proceedings. Laws vary from state to state, but most courts allow » Read More

How Do I Tell Others About My Separation or Divorce?

Divorce is a part of life, but for many people, it is still difficult to share this personal news. Decisions await, such as whether you should notify people individually or use available social media tools to announce it at once. Even in the most amicable cases, divorce still causes significant stress. For those who are » Read More

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