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How to Have a Happy Halloween After Divorce

When divorcing parents create their divorce decree, they often spend time talking about how to handle the reality of major holidays and celebrations, such as Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, and even annual family reunions. However, smaller annual festivities, like Halloween, rarely make it into the plan. When October rolls around, parents may scramble to create a » Read More

Is College or Trade School Tuition Included in My Child Support Obligation?

It can be tricky to figure out whether college or trade school tuition is in your child support obligation. Typically, child support is terminated when a child turns 19. However, in New Jersey, there are certain requirements for a parent to pay child support if their child is enrolled full-time in college or seeking post-secondary » Read More

How Can I Make My Divorce Easier on My Children?

Divorce is difficult for children. Making your divorce easier on your children involves working cooperatively with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse. Your child must always know that even if their parents are no longer together, each one loves them very much. You must also make it clear that they were not responsible for the divorce. Reassure them because » Read More

Protecting Your Business with a Prenuptial Agreement

Future brides and grooms often avoid the thought of divorce. For business owners, the consequences of divorce often lead to financial strains that can affect future business. Therefore, it is encouraged that engaged couples consider a prenuptial agreement, commonly referred to as a prenup, which is an agreement between future spouses determining each party’s property » Read More

Back to School Co-Parenting

Back to school season is a time of transition, and when parents are divorced or separated, some extra care can help smooth things along. Planning ahead for the entire school year can help families know what to expect, and this can include school supplies, carpooling, study times, and after school activities. Some parents work with » Read More

Stay-at-Home Mothers and Divorce

When a couple gets divorced and one of the parties is a stay-at-home mother, the law in mostly every state requires that property be distributed fairly. However, some states require that property be distributed evenly regardless of who the primary breadwinner is. When it comes to distribution of property in a divorce, things can become » Read More

Hidden Assets in Divorce

It is not uncommon for divorcing spouses to attempt to hide assets before or during the proceedings. Some people go to great lengths to do this, going as far as transferring monies overseas, opening secret accounts, or transferring them over to third parties. These situations do not only apply to male spouses; with more women » Read More

Common Divorce Mistakes

Divorce is stressful, especially for those that make mistakes along the way. Staying objective and keeping a clear mind is not easy with so many emotions involved. There are decisions to be made at every turn and making the wrong ones can end up hurting people later. There are common issues to be aware of » Read More

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