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Accusation of Hostile Work Environment at Bergen County School

With claims of a hostile work environment and discrimination, a math teacher at Cliffside High School in Bergen County, New Jersey is suing the school district for not responding adequately to her complaints or taking action against the intimidation and verbal abuse she claimed to have suffered at the hands of her supervisor, resulting in » Read More

How Can I Fight Age Discrimination at Work?

In the United States, the law protects workers over the age of 40 from unfair treatment related to their age. That means it is unlawful to not only harass an employee because of their age, but also to discriminate against them as it impacts hiring, firing, raises, promotions, benefits, and any other conditions of employment. » Read More

Signs of a Hostile Work Environment

Most people spend a significant amount of their lives in the workplace. When a work setting is hostile, morale suffers, staff are less productive, and turnover is increased. Signs of a well-managed workplace are good communication, fair treatment, and strong human resources procedures in place to address work or interpersonal conflicts. Yet, as any employee » Read More

What is Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment?

The Latin phrase, quid pro quo, is used to indicate a transaction. As a law term, a quid pro quo transaction has a problematic element. When that transaction involves an inappropriate sexual component, such as when a supervisor dangles a promotion as an incentive to perform sexual acts or threatens a subordinate’s job security over » Read More

How Can I Deal with Workplace Retaliation?

Dealing with the aftermath of filing a discrimination charge can be as stressful as being discriminated against in the first place. Many individuals filing discrimination complaints face retaliatory actions by their employers, including termination of employment, transfers to less desirable positions, poor performance evaluations, denials of promotions or raises, exclusion from team meetings, and demotion. » Read More

Muslim Workers Allege Unfair Treatment by Amazon

It sometimes seems as if branded companies rarely get bad press or make errors in the way they treat personnel. However, even Amazon, one of the biggest employers in the world, can be accused of creating a hostile work environment, fostering discrimination, and enabling retaliation. In fact, three female employees of Muslim Somali heritage have » Read More

Can My Medical Marijuana Use Cause Me to Lose My Job?

Whether medical cannabis use results in job termination depends on state laws. A recent New Jersey appellate court decision stops employers from firing employees who use medical cannabis when not at work. The ruling will affect employers’ enforcement of zero tolerance drug policies regarding cannabis. New Jersey is not the only state permitting medical cannabis » Read More

Jewelry Giant Accused of Sex Discrimination

If you ever purchased jewelry in a major mall, odds are the store was operated by Sterling Jewelers Inc. or its parent company, Signet. Many of the most familiar names in the jewelry business are owned by Sterling, and it is the largest jewelry retailer in the nation. A female employee’s discrimination case over promotion » Read More

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Accusation of Hostile Work Environment at Bergen County School

October 17, 2019
With claims of a hostile work environment and discrimination, a math teacher at Cliffside High Schoo..