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Religious Holiday Observance

Today’s diverse workforce is made up of people from all types of religious backgrounds. People can freely practice their religions in this country, but what if an employee needs to take off from work for a religious holiday? Many employees receive an allotted amount of vacation and sick days per year, which may not be » Read More

Long Branch Sexual Harassment Suit

Stalking, unwanted touching, harassment, and assault are violations of employment law and are among the serious allegations filed in court by six former and current Long Branch Housing Authority employees. The employees are alleging that the former agency chief of staff engaged in unlawful sexual harassment and retaliation and are naming the chief of staff, » Read More

Maternity Leave in New Jersey

Maternity leave is an important consideration for working parents that have and are planning to have children. New Jersey offers two partial paid leave for pregnancy and parenting. Women can receive paid maternity leave according to the New Jersey Family Leave Act (NJFLA). In addition, new parents are entitled to take unpaid leave for pregnancy, » Read More

How Non-Compete Agreements Work

The evolving workforce is becoming more mobile, as employees change jobs often and work from remote locations. Intuit recently published a report that forecasts 40 percent of American workers will be working independently by 2020. Much of this is due to the digital age, which makes it possible for individuals to work from anywhere. This » Read More

Types of Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment comes in many forms. Actionable harassment will generally fall within one of two types, quid pro quo and hostile workplace. Quid Pro Quo A quid pro quo type involves a tangible employment decision being contingent on an employee’s performance of a sexual or other unwelcome, non-work-related act which is outside of the normal » Read More

New Jersey Nurse Terminated After Whistleblowing

In your place of employment, if you have ever suspected coworkers of inappropriate actions or misconduct, the right thing to do is to report them to a supervisor or human resources office. That’s what a nurse did in Mercer county, and, according to the civil lawsuit filed, was subsequently fired for reporting illegal activities committed » Read More

Do I Have to Work During Inclement Weather?

During the cold winter months, the occurrence of snow, sleet, and black ice are a cause for concern for all motorists, though especially for those who are employed as a motor carrier driver. A motor carrier driver is an individual who operates a vehicle intended to transport people, hazardous materials, or cargo for the purpose » Read More

CBS Pays Actress $9.5 Million in Sexual Harassment Case

Actress Eliza Dushku is probably best known for her role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. More recently, she accepted a major role in three episodes of the CBS prime-time drama Bull. The network had plans to make her a full-time cast member. However, plans changed when her co-star, actor Michael Weatherly, made a series of » Read More

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Religious Holiday Observance

April 23, 2019
Today’s diverse workforce is made up of people from all types of religious backgrounds. People can..

Adoption of Stepchildren

April 18, 2019
Adoption is a major family decision that should never be taken lightly. Stepparent adoption is a for..