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Understanding the New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Act

New Jersey’s paid sick leave law went into effect on October 29. The New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Act mandates that employers must provide a minimum of 40 hours of sick leave to their employees who work within the state. The law also stipulates that the employer must establish a 12-month benefit year, with a » Read More

Age Discrimination in the Technology Field

It is no secret that there is a stereotypical demographic in the technology field regarding Generation Z and Millennial individuals; those young enough to commit to the demanding hours of the field. However, this stereotype is translating in real life, and older generations are beginning to suffer. Survey results indicate that nearly 50 percent of » Read More

What are the Two New Bills Improving Disability in New Jersey?

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has just signed two bills into law that will take immediate effect and make the process of claiming short term disability and paid family leave benefits faster and easier. The two new bills are part of the state’s extensive overhaul of the paid family leave and disability insurance programs that » Read More

Does Office Flirting Cross the Line into Sexual Harassment?

It is clear from the many high-profile #MeToo cases in the news recently, colleagues are not always on the same page when it comes to office communication. Some think flirting is fun, harmless banter. For others, it is unwanted and offensive. It is important to distinguish what office flirtations entail and when they cross the » Read More

Will My Employer Make Accommodations So I Can Continue Breastfeeding?

Each state has its own laws that handle discrimination in the workplace. New Jersey protects breastfeeding workers from discrimination by giving breastfeeding mothers time and privacy to express milk while at work. The law was signed by Chris Christie shortly before the end of his term. The law aims to help breastfeeding mothers return to » Read More

Is Lyft Protecting Passengers?

Lyft is a ride-sharing service that connects people with drivers through a phone application. The service is widely praised by individuals advocating against drunk driving. However, it is recently facing public backlash due to 14 lawsuits that claim the organization mishandled sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and rape claims against its drivers. The lawsuit, filed by » Read More

How Does the IRS Whistleblower Program Work?

It is estimated that tax evasion and fraud cost this country over $450 billion each year, and in 2006, Congress created legislation specific to this issue. They passed the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Whistleblower Program under the Tax Relief and Health Care Act, and it provides monetary incentives for people that report those that fail » Read More

Sexual Harassment Claims at Fox News

Sexual harassment claims at Fox News are nothing new. The company had to pay out more than $40 million for past settlements. At the time, Fox was widely criticized for not responding and disrespecting victims of sexual harassment at the company. The latest Fox News employee to make sexual harassment charges against a colleague is » Read More

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Understanding the New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Act

November 30, 2019
New Jersey’s paid sick leave law went into effect on October 29. The New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Ac..

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November 29, 2019
Child custody disputes often arise during the holidays, when schedules are hectic and emotions are r..