Divorced Couples and Student Loans

After couples go through divorce, it can take a long time for their accumulated debts to be settled. Marital debt such as home mortgages, car payments, and student loans need to be paid on time no matter what; not doing so makes matters much worse. Outstanding student loans can be tricky for divorced couples. Many » Read More

Does the House Have to Be Sold?

Divorce is one of the top ten most stressful events in life. This stress is often compounded by thoughts of moving or being forced to sell the family home. However, no two marriages are the same, and whether a divorcing couple will have to sell will depend on several factors. Couples that cannot come to » Read More

Who Keeps the Ring?

In New Jersey, gifts that are given with the intent to marry are conditional gifts. If the marriage does not occur, the gift must be returned. This same law applies to an engagement ring, given with the intention or “condition” of marrying. Unlike other states, New Jersey does not consider who was at fault for » Read More

A Lack of Financial Communication

One of the main contributors to divorce is a continuing lack of communication between married couples. Specifically, partners that do not discuss their finances when married can have greater chances of marital difficulties down the road. If matters lead to the end of the marriage, they may experience highly challenging divorce proceedings. Many couples are » Read More

Division of Retirement Assets in Divorce

For separating couples, wading through complicated property and financial asset division can be as draining as the emotional distress. Retirement assets are often the largest savings people have and are subject to their own set of regulations. It should not be assumed that a spouse has rights to these assets, even if the divorce decree » Read More

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