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How Do I Prove Liability in a Failure-to-Yield Accident?

When a car crashes into the side of another car, this can cause a T-bone collision. To most viewers, it might look as if the driver that initiated impact was at-fault. However, that would not be the case in a failure-to-yield accident. In this situation, a driver is stopped at a four-way intersection with stop » Read More

Reclining Seats in Cars Increases Injuries

Car passengers often recline their seats on long trips and assume they are safe if they are wearing their seat belt. Yet, even if they are wearing them, the risk of severe injuries and even death are increased. Seat belts can fail due to a defect or when they are not worn properly. A regular » Read More

Can Pedestrians Be At-Fault for Car Accidents?

Pedestrians are not always the innocent victims of car accidents, even though it may seem that way. Although pedestrians do have the right-of-way in many situations, there are some exceptions. If you were involved in a car accident involving a pedestrian, you may be wondering who is at-fault and what your rights are. Pedestrians, as » Read More

Memorial Day Weekend Safety Tips

For many people, Memorial Day officially kicks off summer. Many families head straight to the New Jersey beaches or travel out of state for adventures during the extended holiday weekend. However, due to Memorial Day being such a popular time to take excursions, it has earned a reputation as a risky time to drive. According » Read More

Water Safety

Although many parents give their children swimming lessons, knowing how to swim is but one part of water safety. Everyone wants to enjoy themselves this summer at the pool but being prepared and cautious should be a priority. Swimming pools can pose dangers even to the best of swimmers. The Centers for Disease Control and » Read More

Who is Liable for my Road Construction Accident?

As the nation’s roadways and infrastructures age and get rebuilt, it is increasingly common to see road construction crews at work, performing maintenance and renovations. Though this work is important and necessary, it can pose a threat for motorists. Construction companies and their workers have a responsibility to act safely by making it safe for » Read More

Sun Glare and Motor Vehicle Crashes

The long days of summer are just around the corner. Driving in bright, sunny weather may seem ideal, but sun glare can have a real impact on a driver’s ability to see the road ahead. According to a research study published in 2017, bright sunlight increases the risk of life-threatening motor vehicle accidents by 16 » Read More

Common Car Accident Injuries

 Car accidents are a common occurrence in the United States. From fender benders to totaled cars, there are many contributing factors that lead to car accidents and injuries. Some injuries may be severe enough to warrant immediate medical attention, while others are more common. Car accident injuries can be grouped into penetrating injuries and impact » Read More

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How Do I Prove Liability in a Failure-to-Yield Accident?

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When a car crashes into the side of another car, this can cause a T-bone collision. To most viewers,..