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Black Friday Shoppers Beware of Injuries

Black Friday is an ideal time to nab holiday bargains. Unfortunately, it is also a day where slip and fall injuries occur. On Black Friday, slip and fall injuries are more likely than normal to include bargain hunters getting into fights, with a slip and fall resulting from an assault. In New Jersey, late November » Read More

Thanksgiving Travel

While getting together with family and friends over Thanksgiving is often a joyous occasion, traveling to your dinner destination usually is not. Thanksgiving ranks as one of the busiest travel days of the year, and more vehicles on the road mean more accidents. Following basic Thanksgiving travel tips can make your driving experience over the » Read More

Rear-End Collision Liability

No one wants to end up getting in a rear-end collision accident, but these kinds of crashes account for almost 30 percent of all motor vehicle crashes. Although both parties involved can become injured, the driver that gets hit from the back is more likely to end up with a trip to the doctor or » Read More

Liability Regarding Driverless Cars

Today, driverless cars are a novelty. In the future, they are likely to comprise the majority of vehicles on the road. While safety is supposed to prove a major advantage for driverless vehicles, accidents will continue to happen. If you are hit by a driverless vehicle, who is liable? To date, New Jersey has not » Read More

Halloween Safety Tips

This Halloween, celebrants of all ages and their families are encouraged to dress up in costume, go trick or treating, and attend parties. Yet, whether they are young or old, it is important to keep safety in mind while enjoying the festivities. Costuming The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends choosing costumes that are fire-resistant. Additional » Read More

Is Lyft Protecting Passengers?

Lyft is a ride-sharing service that connects people with drivers through a phone application. The service is widely praised by individuals advocating against drunk driving. However, it is recently facing public backlash due to 14 lawsuits that claim the organization mishandled sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and rape claims against its drivers. The lawsuit, filed by » Read More

Is the Owner of an Illegally Parked Car Liable for My Accident?

For any driver, a car accident is a stressful and often serious incident that can result in physical and emotional trauma, as well as property damage and financial costs. The average driver may believe that if they strike a parked vehicle, however, they are ultimately responsible, even if the parked car presented an unavoidable obstruction. » Read More

Liability in a Road Rage Accident

New Jersey is the nation’s most densely populated state, and if you frequently travel the main thoroughfares, you know that there is constant traffic congestion.  Heavy traffic can bring out the worst in many drivers, but in extreme cases, it leads to road rage. Road Rage Road rage occurs when one driver tries to intimidate, » Read More

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