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Black Friday Shoppers Beware of Injuries

Black Friday is an ideal time to nab holiday bargains. Unfortunately, it is also a day where slip and fall injuries occur. On Black Friday, slip and fall injuries are more likely than normal to include bargain hunters getting into fights, with a slip and fall resulting from an assault. In New Jersey, late November » Read More

Halloween Safety Tips

This Halloween, celebrants of all ages and their families are encouraged to dress up in costume, go trick or treating, and attend parties. Yet, whether they are young or old, it is important to keep safety in mind while enjoying the festivities. Costuming The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends choosing costumes that are fire-resistant. Additional » Read More

Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

An accident that results in personal injury, whether in the workplace, on the road, or otherwise due to someone’s negligence, is a disruptive and sometimes devastating situation for the victim. Victims of an injury may not realize the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of dealing with the process to get compensation and medical care, or » Read More

Stadium Liability at Sporting Events

Sporting events are a wonderful way to relax, be entertained, and share in the sense of camaraderie that cheering on the same team often brings. Watching a game or event live and in person as opposed to on television brings on a sense of excitement, but what happens when the excitement of live action culminates » Read More

What to Do If You Are Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident

Winter brings lots of excitement, but with it, also additional risks. Though they can occur at any time of year, some of the leading causes of slip and fall accidents are ice and snow. Every property owner has a duty to maintain a safe property for others to prevent injury. A slip and fall injury » Read More

Gym Injuries

If you are injured at your local gym, launching a credible claim against the gym depends on the circumstance. Some injuries are the result of risks you commonly take when you work out. It is common to pull a muscle in your neck, obtain shin splints from running on the track, or suffer sharp tendinitis » Read More

Slip and Fall on Snow and Ice

It has happened to many of us – whether on our own driveways, office parking lots, or a friend’s walkway: one wrong step in the dead of winter results in a slip and fall accident on snow or ice. Navigating snow and ice accumulation while traveling on foot can add stress and anxiety to an » Read More

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween can be great fun for children and adults of all ages, but like many fun things, it comes with a risk of injury. This Halloween, parents can help their children avoid injuries on Halloween by going over a few safety tips with them. Trick or Treating is Safest in a Group Young children should » Read More

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