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Were you ever charged with shoplifting? Or busted for smoking a joint? Are there any felony convictions, or even arrests, on your record? Every day that you have a criminal conviction on your record can mean a lost opportunity.

A criminal record can affect your life in ways that you never anticipated. A criminal record can limit your ability to get a good job or go to college. Criminal record checks are commonplace these days and usually required of nurses, persons applying for school positions, volunteer sports coaches, day care center workers and persons seeing to be foster parents, to name a few. A clean criminal record is a very important asset.

Having a record expunged can give someone convicted of a crime a fresh start at a future where they can legally say they have not been arrested, charged or convicted of committing a crime. Fortunately, New Jersey offers an opportunity to have your record cleared through the expungement process. Unfortunately, strict rules govern who can and cannot receive an expungement. Not everyone qualifies for expungement of criminal records. Whether or not a person qualifies to expunge their record depends upon many factors.

Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C. has over 80 years of combined experience working with clients who wish to have crimes permanently erased from their records through expungement. We will analyze your case to determine whether you are eligible for expungement and diligently represent your interests throughout the process to help ensure its success. We have extensive knowledge of New Jersey’s complex expungement process.

If you would like to clear your criminal and arrest record, call us at 732-493-9400 or contact us online to schedule a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

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