Client Testimonials

Assuring and Appropriate

My daughter and I were referred to Mr. Sanvenero regarding a motor vehicle accident. Mr. Sanvenero reviewed the information provided by my daughter and I and offered his advice. At one point because it was an out of state incident, he consulted with his mentor to confirm his findings. The fact that he did not fabricate a response or advise that he would get back to us, assured us that we had chosen the appropriate attorney. Later that afternoon he called us to advise us regarding his progress and anticipated plans for our case…..thank you Mr. Sanvenero.

Christine C. and Rita S.

Professional and Charismatic

I was recommended to Mr. Sanvenero after having significant troubles with a previous lawyer. I was nervous to change my representation mid case but looking back now I am so glad I did. He has been phenomenal on my case and has accomplished a great deal in a very short amount of time. Mr. Sanvenero works very hard and always addresses my questions and concerns immediately. He is extremely professional and charismatic. He makes you feel like your family and goes above and beyond to fight for you. I highly recommend him for all of your legal needs.

Fran W.

Best Divorce Attorney Ever

Mona S.

Employment Law


Divorce Results

Sharon B.

Enforcing Divorce Settlements

Veronica S.

Child Custody

Rich F.

Children’s Best Interests


Parenting Time

Joseph M.

Business Litigation/Zoning, etc.

Gary and his team have consistently provided large firm results with the personal touch and concern that you don’t readily find in our fast paced world today. He is a proven winner and that’s why our companies choose Fox & Melofchik LLC.

Phil S., Vice President
Food Circus Supermarkets


As your attorneys, part of our job is to ease your concerns while we diligently work to advocate on your behalf to resolve your case. Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C. believes you deserve the best representation, and we are here to do just that.

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