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Updating a Will and Estate Planning Due to a Divorce

Getting divorced is a difficult and often emotional process that requires a lot of paperwork and a proper division and distribution of assets. There are many important steps to take when getting a divorce, but updating your will and estate plan could be one of the most important processes. Many people only consider the aftermath » Read More

What to Do When Inclement Weather Affects Custodial Exchanges

Child custody can be extremely complicated aspect of divorce. But even after schedules have finally been secured, they may just get rearranged due to Mother Nature. In New Jersey, many custody orders are actually laid out with consideration of inclement weather and school cancellations in mind. Though the state family courts always try to enforce » Read More

Divorced Couples and Student Loans

After couples go through divorce, it can take a long time for their accumulated debts to be settled. Marital debt such as home mortgages, car payments, and student loans need to be paid on time no matter what; not doing so makes matters much worse. Outstanding student loans can be tricky for divorced couples. Many » Read More

New Year Resolutions for Divorced or Separated Parents

Separation and divorce usually invoke feelings of upset and anger. There are other more positive emotions that can arise during and immediately after separation and divorce, including a sense of excitement over a new beginning.  The end of the year is a good time to reassess where you are and where you would like to » Read More

Using a GPS to Track an Ex-Spouse

Most of us have watched television shows and movies where spouses hire private investigators to track their husbands or wives. They are usually trying to prove infidelity or other bad behaviors such as drug, alcohol, or spousal abuse. Today, people are turning to GPS systems to do the work digitally. Many states consider this kind » Read More

Rebuilding Credit After Divorce

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon during a divorce for one partner to stop contributing to the marital expenses, leaving the other vulnerable to a declining credit score. For those who find themselves in these unfair circumstances, the first thing to do is to check your credit score. There are several options available to you for » Read More

Military PTSD and Divorce

It is difficult for even those closest to a person to understand their reaction to trauma. That is just one reason why veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have an alarmingly high rate of divorce. According to certain studies, nearly half of all marriages involving those diagnosed with PTSD end up in divorce court. » Read More

Returning to Work After Divorce

Re-entering the job market after divorce can be a scary, overwhelming thing for stay-at-home parents. However, it is important to keep in mind that any insecurities or worries that may surface are normal and experienced by almost everyone who needs to return to work after a long absence. The internet is filled with advice about » Read More

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