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How to Handle Your First Thanksgiving Post-Divorce

Once a divorce has been negotiated, there will be several changes in your routine. One of the most poignant change is the fact that, under most circumstances, you will spend some holidays alone while the children are with your ex-spouse. The first Thanksgiving that comes around when your children are not with you has the » Read More

Should I Join a Divorce Support Group?

Anyone going through divorce needs to have an outlet to talk about the experience. Friends and family, however, can be reluctant to listen. Instead, they often take sides or make suggestions rather than simply hearing and acknowledging information. For that reason, many people turn to divorce support groups to help them navigate their newfound experience. » Read More

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, there are 10 million victims of domestic violence each year in the United States. This indicates that there are 20 victims of domestic violence per minute. Many victims are injured in an abusive relationship with their parent, child, or spouse. As October comes to an end, we » Read More

Dealing With Your Former In-Laws During the Holidays

Holidays can be uncomfortable for those fresh out of a divorce. Between the emotions and the changes in schedule, it can be difficult for those to adjust to holidays without a spouse. This stress is added when former in-laws are involved. For some, it is difficult to deal with the awkward conversations with an ex-spouse’s » Read More

How to Have a Happy Halloween After Divorce

When divorcing parents create their divorce decree, they often spend time talking about how to handle the reality of major holidays and celebrations, such as Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, and even annual family reunions. However, smaller annual festivities, like Halloween, rarely make it into the plan. When October rolls around, parents may scramble to create a » Read More

Is College or Trade School Tuition Included in My Child Support Obligation?

It can be tricky to figure out whether college or trade school tuition is in your child support obligation. Typically, child support is terminated when a child turns 19. However, in New Jersey, there are certain requirements for a parent to pay child support if their child is enrolled full-time in college or seeking post-secondary » Read More

How Can I Make My Divorce Easier on My Children?

Divorce is difficult for children. Making your divorce easier on your children involves working cooperatively with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse. Your child must always know that even if their parents are no longer together, each one loves them very much. You must also make it clear that they were not responsible for the divorce. Reassure them because » Read More

Can Non-Biological People Be Granted Custody?

Many children do not grow up in traditional families. When issues of child custody arise, in most instances, biological parents’ rights will outweigh those of a person unrelated to the child, but much depends on individual circumstances. The court makes custody decisions based on the best interests of the child, and giving custody to an » Read More

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